Wild Blueberry Stewards

For the past year, Still Water co-director Joline Blais has been president of the Wild Blueberry Heritage Center, headquartered in a physical museum in Columbia Falls and online at WildBlueberryHeritageCenter.org. The museum is an extension of the Wild Blueberry Lands

No WordPress for the Waramungu: How to build a culturally sensitive archive

As visiting luminary for the UMaine Digital Curation graduate program’s fall 2015 teleconference, Craig Dietrich challenged its students to consider how culturally sensitive archives and linked data can break the monoculture of one-size-fits-all paradigms for access and publication.

Making communities resilient with Joline Blais and gkisedtanamoogk

Still Water Co-Director Joline Blais and Still Water Research Fellow gkisedtanamoogk both spoke at Building Sustainable Communities: International, National and Local Perspectives, held at the University of Maine from 24-25 October 2014. Both veterans of the LongGreenHouse project, Blais and gkisedtanamoogk brought long-term yet pragmatic visions to this gathering of lawmakers, architects, engineers, and activists.

Social Media and Sustainability at LongGreenHouse

To coincide with Digital Humanities Week 2011, Joline Blais joins permaculture experts Julia and Charles Yelton, social media hackademic Craig Dietrich, Rural Maine Partners’ Claudia Lowd, and members of the Wabanaki community in hosting “Social Media and Sustainability” at LongGreenHouse, a clearinghouse for sustainable culture on the edge of the U-Me campus.

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