Social Media and Sustainability at LongGreenHouse

To coincide with Digital Humanities Week 2011, Joline Blais joins permaculture experts Julia and Charles Yelton, social media hackademic Craig Dietrich, Rural Maine Partners’ Claudia Lowd, and members of the Wabanaki community in hosting “Social Media and Sustainability” at LongGreenHouse, a clearinghouse for sustainable culture on the edge of the U-Me campus.

Restoration ecology as *the* artform of the 21st century

As the final speaker in the panel discussion “Re-Imagining Globalism: Maine in the World’s Economy” at Bates College on Jan. 25, 2008, Peter Riggs, Executive Director of the Forum on Democracy and Trade, concluded his talk on climate change and international relations with a call for a new kind of creativity: “Probably the most exciting …

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Fedco sponsors LongGreenHouse trees

Local plant supplier Fedco has donated over fifty fruit trees and other plants to help with LongGreenHouse’s planting marathon this weekend. Old and young permaculturalists, from both the Wassookeag home school and the university and Native communities, drew on this generous gift to populate the first catchment of food forest in the LongGreenHouse plot on …

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Women’s Gathering

We invite Wassookeag women and friends to join us for our first Womens; Gathering hosted at LongGreenHouse (5 Chapel) by Miigam’agan. Kate Hastings will open our gathering with a short tribal dance to link our hearts and energies together for the joyous journey ahead! Food Welcome, but come as you are!

U-Me students debate climate change

Today Wassookeagers and their friends were treated to a presentation by the University of Maine Debate Society, whose members conducted a debate on whether the US should sign the Kyoto Accord. After the formal debate, the U-Me students held a free-form discussion about climate change as well as their experience of the debate process itself.

40 Traits of a “Healthy” Family

I found this list of 40 characteristics of healthy families online. Of course every family is different, but I thought it might be nice to look at what might be positive attributes to family rather than negative. http://home.earthlink.net/~chavele/40traits.html

My Dog

My dog went to the vet.  He doesn’t like it so we had to give him a pill that makes him calm down a little bit.  He had to stay overnight.  We had to get up at 7 a.m. to get him.  But I love him.

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