Wild Blueberry Stewards

For the past year, Still Water co-director Joline Blais has been president of the Wild Blueberry Heritage Center, headquartered in a physical museum in Columbia Falls and online at The museum is an extension of the Wild Blueberry Lands

First academic book on digital preservation featured in online course this spring

A HASTAC scholarship, an interview published by the Smithsonian, and a cover story in ARTnews that mentions a landmark book by one of the professors. These are among the accolades received this fall by instructors teaching next term’s online courses in Metadata and Digital Preservation, for their contributions to the growing field of digital curation.

MoJo update: a four-stage plan to overhaul digital journalism

In the final stretch of the competition for the Mozilla-Knight Foundation News Technology Partnership, Still Water Senior Researcher John Bell has posted a roadmap based on applying the lessons of open source software to journalism. His four stages–aggregation, interpretation, curation, and deliberation–lay the foundation for a future of journalism that marries community and credibility.

Art on life support needs a living will

Two recent stories on conserving contemporary art speak to how removed museums and foundations are from the “proliferative preservation” of digital creators. The New York Observer writes about a Whitney Museum taskforce created to police the replication of art via exhibition copies, and their headline says it all: Copy That! Wait, Don’t. Meanwhile an article …

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