Glen Weyl Digital Curation teleconference

Can the next web solve the Internet’s problems?

Disinformation. Tech monopolies. Surveillance capitalism. For all its benefits, our current Internet is rife with vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the powerful and lead to an erosion of trust among the rest of us. The latest of UMaine’s Digital Curation teleconferences asks whether changes to the fundamental dynamic of the web might help us …

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Joline Blais and Stephanie Burnett in the Roger Clapp Greenhouse, 2019

Farm-fresh produce in Maine year-round? Now there’s an app for that

Consumers are increasingly eager to eat local produce, but farm-to-table options in the cold season aren’t always easy to find in a northern state like Maine. That could change thanks to a new mobile app designed to help farmers optimize greenhouse conditions in the winter months, from a team led by Still Water co-director Joline …

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QuaranZine, 2020

New Media students craft Covid19 stories

COVID-19 came suddenly and with a wallop, forcing classes to operate remotely, canceling sports events, and leaving campuses empty last spring. Fortunately, New Media faculty and students have already been experimenting with digital tools for collaboration, like e-portfolios, web-based F2F classes, videoconferencing and discussion platforms like Slack.

“Right To Unmake” CAA panel examines Lego-like creativity

While the maker movement continues to gather publicity, one of its most critical dynamics seldom makes the headlines: the right to unmake. Now the College Art Association has published a call for presentations on unmaking and “Lego-like” creativity for its next annual conference in Los Angeles in February 2018.

Whether red or blue, you need net neutrality

In the past year, the Internet has become a place where strong opinions clash. Yet there’s one priority that should matter to both sides: the health of the platform on which these debates take place. The free and open Internet is under attack again by opponents of net neutrality. Whether your political tastes are right, …

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Is reinterpretation the new emulation?

Reinterpretation as a preservation strategy has been called “radical” and “dangerous,” yet this unconventional approach has seen a surge of interest in preservation communities in the past year. In a departure from conventional wisdom about conservation, a group of European preservation experts recently invited Still Water’s Jon Ippolito to reassess this controversial technique as a …

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