Making communities resilient with Joline Blais and gkisedtanamoogk

Still Water Co-Director Joline Blais and Still Water Research Fellow gkisedtanamoogk both spoke at Building Sustainable Communities: International, National and Local Perspectives, held at the University of Maine from 24-25 October 2014. Both veterans of the LongGreenHouse project, Blais and gkisedtanamoogk brought long-term yet pragmatic visions to this gathering of lawmakers, architects, engineers, and activists.

How to turn a conference upside-down in four steps

One of the challenges of Maine’s first THATCamp (the 2013 Digital Humanities Week) was how to get 60 people to decide what they want to learn together. Fortunately, several of the participants offered creative solutions that may be of use to the organizers of any democratically determined conversation.

Bottoms up! Maine’s first THATCamp 7-10 October

Using a 3-D printer. Custom-styling a WordPress blog. Growing your own medicine. Conducting a social media campaign with YouTube and Twitter. Is there a skill you wanted to learn but haven’t found the teacher or time to learn it? Create your own class in exactly what you want to learn at this year’s Digital Humanities …

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