Digital Curation job Titles 2023

Digital curation jobs more than doubled in 2022

Demand for professionals who can manage collections of digital heritage and data continues to climb rapidly as related job postings rose by 130% in 2022, according to an analysis by UMaine’s Digital Curation program. This is a dramatic surge compared to the 61% increase over the pandemic years between 2019 and 2021.

QuaranZine, 2020

New Media students craft Covid19 stories

COVID-19 came suddenly and with a wallop, forcing classes to operate remotely, canceling sports events, and leaving campuses empty last spring. Fortunately, New Media faculty and students have already been experimenting with digital tools for collaboration, like e-portfolios, web-based F2F classes, videoconferencing and discussion platforms like Slack.

“Right To Unmake” CAA panel examines Lego-like creativity

While the maker movement continues to gather publicity, one of its most critical dynamics seldom makes the headlines: the right to unmake. Now the College Art Association has published a call for presentations on unmaking and “Lego-like” creativity for its next annual conference in Los Angeles in February 2018.

No WordPress for the Waramungu: How to build a culturally sensitive archive

As visiting luminary for the UMaine Digital Curation graduate program’s fall 2015 teleconference, Craig Dietrich challenged its students to consider how culturally sensitive archives and linked data can break the monoculture of one-size-fits-all paradigms for access and publication.

Scalar a PCMag Editors’ Choice

Scalar is an online platform built by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture (ANVC) centered at USC that facilitates the creation of media-rich scholarly publications. The software has only recently entered public beta, however versions have been operational since 2010 that have led to a number of works, many sponsored by scholarly organizations and academic …

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Are footnotes obsolete? Craig Dietrich at SCMS

Screengrab of Debra Levine’s DEMONSTRATING ACT UP Scalar project Are footnotes obsolete? At this month’s Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference, Craig Dietrich suggests crediting other scholars is still necessary, but it’s no longer enough. The Still Water Senior Researcher and USC digital studies professor argues that run-of-the-mill citation methods don’t cut it in …

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Touring Los Angeles permaculture with Vanessa Vobis and LA Green Grounds

Figure 1. Vanessa Vobis, Crystal World (2008), Legion Arts-CSPS, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA Figure 2. Vanessa Vobis, Mars Attacks Fragonard (2009), (106) Gallery, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Figure 3. Julian Epps, The Cave (2008), FreesePop, Bangor, Maine, USA Still Water Fellow Vanessa Vobis has a history of combining installation art and ecology. In 2007 she …

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Hacking the victual and virtual at USC

This week Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito join forces for a series of presentations at USC organized by Craig Dietrich, Still Water Senior Researcher and co-creator of Scalar. The week culminates on Friday 2 March at the School of Cinematic Arts with Redesigning Reality, a hands-on session in hacking the “scripts” that govern us to …

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