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React Native mobile app tutorial cluster

 Knowing how to make mobile apps in 2020 is like knowing how to make a website in 2000: a skill much in demand but known by few. Now anyone hoping to learn to create apps for iOS or Android can take advantage of a free suite of interactive tutorials from the University of Maine’s New Media program.
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At the Edge of Art (cover)

How has the boundary between art and non-art shifted in the Internet age, and what does that mean for design, activism, science, and other creative activities? This question is the subject of a Dario Moalli’s fall 2019 interview with Still Water co-directors Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito in the venerable periodical Hestetika (Aesthetics). The issue has become more relevant during the COVID-19 quarantine, as exhibitions, concerts, and other artforms normally experienced in person have moved online. Read the rest of this entry »

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Joline Blais and Stephanie Burnett in the Roger Clapp Greenhouse, 2019

Consumers are increasingly eager to eat local produce, but farm-to-table options in the cold season aren’t always easy to find in a northern state like Maine. That could change thanks to a new mobile app designed to help farmers optimize greenhouse conditions in the winter months, from a team led by Still Water co-director Joline Blais.
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QuaranZine, 2020

COVID-19 came suddenly and with a wallop, forcing classes to operate remotely, canceling sports events, and leaving campuses empty last spring. Fortunately, New Media faculty and students have already been experimenting with digital tools for collaboration, like e-portfolios, web-based F2F classes, videoconferencing and discussion platforms like Slack. Read the rest of this entry »

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Web archiving illustration

As more of our work and entertainment moves online, the challenge of preserving websites and social media becomes increasingly urgent. In an interactive discussion on Friday 17 April at 1pm EDT entitled “Web Archiving for Everyone,” the latest guest speaker in UMaine’s Digital Curation program presents new tools and techniques for saving Internet culture for posterity.
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Colgate presentation

New Media alumna Margaretha Haughwout invited Still Water co-directors Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito to explore the connections between different types of code and how they can be open-sourced, digitally and biologically, in a series of talks and workshops at Colgate University in November 2018.

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America East Hackathon

Still Water Co-director Joline Blais was a coordinator for the 2019 America East Hackathon, which focused on developing inexpensive apps and systems to sustain local farmers.

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ang_kusadasi_bazaar_illAn art opening Friday the 3rd and a presentation Sunday the 5th of August in Rockland, Maine examine the historical importance and visual appeal of the artists who helped start the New York School of abstract expressionism.
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"Digitized" Yale Center for British ArtAt Yale’s May 11th symposium “Is This Permanence?”, Still Water’s John Bell and Jon Ippolito help curators and historians plan for a digital future in which “archival material” could be a contradiction in terms.

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Maine Wild Blueberry Museum screenshot aThe Maine Wild Blueberry Museum spearheaded by Joline Blais exemplifies Still Water‘s commitment to nourishing local networks–in this case, both the ecological and economic sort.

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