Christiane Paul at LABoral

Digital Curation in the Shadow of AI

Join UMaine Digital Curation for a conversation with Christiane Paul, a trailblazer in the field who will review how practices of creating, collecting, and exhibiting have transformed in response to the latest tech trends, particularly the rise of generative AI.

Digital Curation in the Shadow of AI
Teleconference with Christiane Paul
Tuesday 16 April, 4:30-5:30pm EDT
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Christiane Paul is commonly regarded as the world’s foremost digital curator, a claim made all the more persuasive thanks to the increasing relevance of data and artificial intelligence in today’s curatorial practice.

Nancy Baker Cahill, Cento (2023), Whitney ArtportFor over two decades Paul has brought digital art to mainstream museums, from her 2001 exhibition “Data Dynamics” to her just-opened show on groundbreaking artist Harold Cohen, which the New York Times’ Critic’s Pick extols as “AI art that’s more than a gimmick.”

As Curator of Digital Art at New York’s Whitney Museum, she has commissioned over 100 projects and organized dozens of exhibitions from Madrid to Moscow. Meanwhile, Paul’s numerous books and exhibitions have made clear the critical role artists have played in integrating new technologies into mainstream practices–for example, Manfred Mohr’s and Harold Cohen’s investigations of generative code and artificial intelligence in the 1960s.

Harold Cohen, Aaron Gijon (2007), Whitney MuseumPerhaps more importantly, Paul’s unparalleled command of the field puts her in a unique position to discern how traditional expectations of authorship, authenticity, copyright, and provenance are buckling under stress from digital disruptions–not just for cultural heritage but for all realms of creative endeavor. This free teleconference will give participants a chance to ask questions about how this rapid evolution may affect their own work.

Christiane Paul at a lecternThe winner of last year’s International Media Art Histories Award and numerous other accolades, Paul has also taught at The New School, School of Visual Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, and San Francisco Art Institute.

This is the latest in a series of teleconferences sponsored by UMaine’s Digital Curation graduate program, which prepares students to acquire, analyze, make accessible, and preserve digital material in fields ranging from cultural heritage to healthcare. Paul was the first guest of the program way back in 1993.

From top to bottom: Christiane Paul at LABoral; Nancy Baker Cahill, Cento (2023), Whitney Artport; Harold Cohen, Aaron Gijon (2007), Whitney Museum; Paul at a lectern.

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