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net_neutrality_megaphonesIn the past year, the Internet has become a place where strong opinions clash. Yet there’s one priority that should matter to both sides: the health of the platform on which these debates take place.

The free and open Internet is under attack again by opponents of net neutrality. Whether your political tastes are right, left, or center, net neutrality is the closest thing to a guarantee your voice won’t be drowned out by someone else’s agenda.

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Political SignsMaine Public Radio’s Jennifer Mitchell interviews Jon Ippolito about the proliferation of colors in advertisements for this season’s political candidates, and what subliminal messages these new palettes might contain.

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Digital Light Melbourne 2011Digital light is both the subject and the medium for Jon Ippolito’s “The Panopticon Is Leaking.” This teleconference presentation at the University of Melbourne traces the historical roots of light as both a metaphor for knowledge and a means of control, and questions the relevance of this legacy for age of Internet phenomena such as Anonymous and Wikileaks.

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