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Bangor Daily News story on New Media capstones, December 2020

News stories in the Bangor Daily News and the Portland CBS station profiled New Media seniors and their creative applications designed to help people cope with COVID-19.
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brown_ben_forestry_finderNew Media student projects are more than term papers to be chucked when the semester’s over. Many enjoy a renewed life after graduation, as demonstrated by recent TV and news articles on outdoor-oriented ventures from the 2015 capstone course taught by Still Water Co-Director Joline Blais. From drone classes for high school students to mobile apps to help forestry workers, these capstones have expanded outside of the classroom and into the nearby woods and skies overhead.

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The Pirate BayBy now university administrators and IT departments are accustomed to passing on letters from the music industry accusing students of sharing music illegally over the Internet. What’s surprising about the latest round of letters from the RIAA is that they offer to settle piracy charges with students for only $10 or $20, despite recent high-profile court cases awarding exorbitant sums for individual violations.

Still water co-director Jon Ippolito explains this shift in tactics in an interview with MPBN’s Jennifer Mitchell.

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