Digital Curation tuition now discounted for *all* distant students!

Digital Curation World LogoSharpening your digital skills just got a lot more accessible, thanks to a huge discount in tuition pricing for the University of Maine’s Digital Curation online courses.

Last January, the Digital Curation program at the University of Maine announced a special discount that would enable out-of-state students to take courses at in-state rates. We’re delighted to announce that a version of this discount has been extended to international students as well, beginning this September 2013.

So whether you’re from Timbuktu or Toronto, you can take our online courses at the same rate as if you lived on campus, plus a $75 fee per term, no matter how many credits you take. This is a savings of two-thirds off the regular tuition.

To qualify for this discount, students will need to enroll in a Digital Curation course this coming year. Students who enroll in the full certificate can continue the discount through 2018.

So far this acclaimed program has seen interest from students from every continent except Antarctica. Making our courses more accessible should broaden the diversity of our students and offer them a global network of contacts and opportunities.

We are offering two classes this September that will take advantage of this discount:

* Introduction to Digital Curation (DIG 500) surveys the state of the art of managing bits, with an emphasis on the technical, administrative, and legal challenges of acquiring digitized or born-digital material into a collection.

* Digital Collections and Exhibitions (DIG 540) offers hands-on training in gathering your material into a database and putting it on the Web using technologies like MySQL and PHP.

More on these courses at

You can take these as part of the overall graduate certificate or just by themselves. Register now on the University of Maine’s MaineStreet system.

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