Digital Curation program to offer reduced tuition starting January 2013

Digital Curation LogoThe University of Maine has announced that its Digital Curation graduate program is dramatically reducing its out-of-state tuition rates, beginning this coming spring.

The move was inspired by the successful launch of the program’s first course last September, DIG 500, and the widespread interest expressed by students from Uruquay to Burundi to Mumbai.

When the program launched in the fall, university policies required out-of-state students to pay three times the cost of Maine-based students. Despite this, 60 professionals from five continents have expressed interest in the program since it was announced, prompting the University of Maine to make the Digital Curation classes more accessible to a wider range of students. Starting this spring, the university will offer an in-state rate for online courses to out-of-state students, cutting their tuition to one-third its previous cost.

We expect this reduction to increase dramatically the diversity and reach of our program over the long haul. It will also enable our students to exploit a global network of contacts and opportunities.

We are offering two classes this January that will take advantage of this:

* DIG 510, taught by Still Water Senior Researcher John Bell and archivist Desiree Butterfield-Nagy, shows how to make it easy to organize and discover digital files of all kinds, using techniques like metadata and databases.

* DIG 550, taught by librarian Richard Hollinger and curator Jon Ippolito, examines both practical and cutting-edge preservation, to help you rescue your digital collection from future obsolescence and oblivion.

More on these courses at

Anyone can register for these online courses, which start January 14th, now on the University of Maine’s MaineStreet system.

You can keep up with news about the Digital Curation program on Twitter by following @DigitCurator.

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