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NFTs: the promises and perils of crypto-art

NFTs hold out the promise of democratizing art by letting digital creators sell their works directly to collectors. But does the reality hold up to the hype?

Bloomberg NFT Beeple Headline 2021Champions of NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, claim they finally give ordinary artists a way to make a living off their work, while detractors warn the artists are just being used to legitimize cryptocurrencies of dubious inherent value.

Still Water Co-director Jon Ippolito weighs in on the legal, environmental, and financial realities of this blockchain-based technology in a series of presentations and articles from The Atlantic, Sotheby’s, Wired, and the Portland Press Herald.

The New Media faculty also organized a free webinar on the topic for high school staff and students as part of a series called Knowledge Bites. Other webinars in the series tackle questions like how to code a mobile app and how to manage photos on your phone and desktop computers.

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