“Think like a Network”

Museum participation“Think like a Network,” a remote presentation by Jon Ippolito at The Art of With conference, argued for expanding the participatory possibilities of arts institutions to an audience of art enthusiasts and professionals gathered at Cornerhouse in Manchester, UK, on 24 June 2009. “Think like a Network” argued that museums reinforce boundaries for rare experiences discovered by instruction, while networks pierce boundaries for ubiquitous experiences discovered by extraction.

Forging the Future LogoThe presentation went further by examining three paradigm-shifting tools to help break the old model and usher in the new: ThoughtMesh, which pierces interdisciplinary boundaries; Forging the Future’s Metaserver, which aims to make artifacts ubiquitous; and The Pool, which encourages discovery of creative projects by collaborative filtering.

Pool LogoThoughtmesh Logo

You can read a summary of all the presentations in “The Art of With” report.

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