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The Pirate BayBy now university administrators and IT departments are accustomed to passing on letters from the music industry accusing students of sharing music illegally over the Internet. What’s surprising about the latest round of letters from the RIAA is that they offer to settle piracy charges with students for only $10 or $20, despite recent high-profile court cases awarding exorbitant sums for individual violations.

Still water co-director Jon Ippolito explains this shift in tactics in an interview with MPBN’s Jennifer Mitchell.

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Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito presented models of open governance on November 12 at U-Me’s Promise and Problems of Transparency conference. Organized by Desiree Butterfield-Nagy, the event featured a “hyperblog” organized by Blais and Ippolito with help from Still Water Senior Researcher Craig Dietrich.

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Anthropologist James Leach presents the Cross-Cultural Partnership as an example of a social “prototype” at “Prototyping Cultures: Social Experimentation, Do-It-Yourself Science and Beta-Knowledge.”

The Cross-Cultural Partnership, a legal template for encouraging ethical collaborations across cultural divides, was the brainchild of Leach, Wendy Seltzer, and othe members of the Connected Knowledge working group organized by Still Water. Leach’s talk at this two-day conference organised by the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid from 4-5 November 2010 is entitled “Prototypes of Engagement: Trust, Transaction, and Digital Partnership.”

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Nature’s Rule Book

“Hello, dearies, this is Mother Nature. I’m speaking up here because you humans seem to have an awful lot of difficulty understanding and living in accord with the rules of life on Earth, so I thought I’d lay it all out for you in a very simple and direct form.”

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More people than ever will be able to access and contribute to academic research and development, thanks to tools built by Still Water faculty and Fellows to help creative thinkers share their work.

2008 Cambridge Berkman sma 1Recently showcased at Harvard’s Berkman Center for the Internet and Society, in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and soon to appear in Leonardo magazine, Still Water networks like ThoughtMesh and The Pool may change the way creative and scholarly research is recognized by universities across the world.

More at the University of Maine’s New Media Web site.

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