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ABC TikTok story August 2020

Is the US government right to outlaw TikTok because it might share data with a foreign power, or is the security threat overstated? News outlets interviewed Still Water faculty to get a different take on a proposed ban on the popular social media app.
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Isea 2011 LogoDrawing on the forthcoming book New Media and Social Memory co-authored with Richard Rinehart, Jon Ippolito speaks on “Wind, Rain, and Ambient Preservation” at ISEA 2011 in Istanbul. 

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Jack Toolin included themes from Forging the Future in a presentation at the Incheon Digital Art Festival (INDAF) 2009 in Incheon, Korea, on 7 August 2009. The festival coincided with an exhibition proposing a city whose inhabitants are connected by a digital environment, as reflected in the show’s three sub-themes–Inter-Face, Inter-Space, and Inter-Time.

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