Still Water directors featured on ABC-TV, Wired, Congressional Quarterly

The past few months have seen a spate of news stories that feature Still Water co-directors in TV, print, and online outlets. Here are some of the highlights:

Obsolescence and tattoos in Wired, ABC-TV

Wired Logo Blue On BlackAbc Logo SmaOn 26 July, Wired featured an interview with Jon Ippolito about the preservation of new media, including a mention of his upcoming book Re-Collection: Art, New Media, and Social Memory from MIT Press.

In April, Ippolito commented on Nokia’s patent for a vibrating tattoo in the ABC 7 story Linked With Ink.

Permaculture presentations archived online

Usc Logo SmaOver the past spring and summer Blais has made several presentations on the principles of permaculture, whose design-with-nature strategies can be applied to sustainable development of all kinds.

We have now archived the video of her presentations Redesigning Reality and Designing a Better Burrito.

Internet freedom stories on ABC-TV and Congressional Quarterly

Congressional Quarterly Image ThuWhen protests erupted across the Internet last January in response to proposed legislative restrictions, Ippolito weighed in along with fellow commentator Computer Science professor George Markowsky on the ABC-7 Nightly News.

Ippolito’s commentary on the SOPA/PIPA bills was also cited in an issue of the Congressional Quarterly Researcher devoted to Internet Regulation.

Past Still Water newsletters now online

Visit to read about other newsworthy Still Water projects.

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