Italian curator Laura Barreca on “Technology versus History”

“Technology versus History”: A talk with Laura Barreca on Monday 30 November 4-5:30pm

Barreca Laura at PANItalian curator Laura Barreca contrasts the long view of traditional art history and conservation with the brief lifespan of contemporary artistic media, asking how works in ephemeral media should be preserved for the future in the light of controversies such as the restoration of the Sistine Chapel. All are welcome to attend this informal discussion for all or part of the allotted time.

Monday 30 November 4-5:30pm
Still Water lab, 4th floor, Chadbourne Hall
University of Maine

Currently an Italian Academy Fellow at Columbia University, Laura Barreca has taught at the Faculty of Architecture, University “La Sapienza”, Rome, as professor of the Course of History of Contemporary Art, in 2009. She is Assistant Professor of the Chair of History of Contemporary Art, Faculty of Conservation of Cultural and Artistic Heritage, University of Viterbo. She works as external consultant for the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali, for the Land Art project “Sensi Contemporanei” (Basilicata 2009). For the MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo she is curator of the project “Committenze contemporanee”, in collaboration with UniCredit Group and Galleria Borghese. Since 2007, she worked as Junior Curator at PAN|Palazzo delle Arti Napoli. Since the completion of her Ph.D., she has been writing articles and papers, and has been invited to present lectures in several conferences (Madrid 2007; Montreal 2008; Rome 2008-2009) about “Conservation and Documentation of New Media Art”.

This discussion is sponsored by the U-Me New Media Department, The Intermedia MFA Program, and the Cultural Affairs Distinguished Lecture Series Fund.

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