UMaine EarthDay



Members of LongGreenHouse will participate in UMaine’s Earth Day Eco-Charette Organized by Emily Markides and Richard Graves. Also, New Media students from my classes will be attending and contributing to the communication aspects of getting this green dorm vision off the ground (and into the ground–in gardens)!

Featured speakers include Jim Merkel, Author of Radical Simplicity  as well as Emily Markides, Richard Graves. Teams of over a hundred students will help design a green retrofit of York Village dorm, gardens, greenhouse, water cycling, food corridors, and dynamic communities based on green living as a project as well as curriculum.

LomgGreenHouse will offer support, as well as forming one apex of the “green triangle” growing at the south edge of campus, and is currently working with Scott Wilkerson of Stormwater management at UMaine to produce a “living machine” curriculum/project directing stormwater through a rootzone, pond and clean water stream from university run off.

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