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Colgate presentation

New Media alumna Margaretha Haughwout invited Still Water co-directors Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito to explore the connections between different types of code and how they can be open-sourced, digitally and biologically, in a series of talks and workshops at Colgate University in November 2018.

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John Bell and Jon Ippolito are featured participants for “Mobility Shifts,” part of the iDC (Institute for Distributed Creativity) forum (New York, New York ) September 2011, where they will lead a discussion on the community underpinnings necessary to promote DIY learning.

They will frame some questions about whether DIY education can be ramped up to the scale necessary for crowdsourced feedback, without degrading into lectures or mobocracy.

Thanks to Trebor Scholz and Caroline Buck for inviting us to contribute to this discussion.

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