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ABC TikTok story August 2020

Is the US government right to outlaw TikTok because it might share data with a foreign power, or is the security threat overstated? News outlets interviewed Still Water faculty to get a different take on a proposed ban on the popular social media app.
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The Pirate BayBy now university administrators and IT departments are accustomed to passing on letters from the music industry accusing students of sharing music illegally over the Internet. What’s surprising about the latest round of letters from the RIAA is that they offer to settle piracy charges with students for only $10 or $20, despite recent high-profile court cases awarding exorbitant sums for individual violations.

Still water co-director Jon Ippolito explains this shift in tactics in an interview with MPBN’s Jennifer Mitchell.

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Blogs, wikis, videoconferencing? “No thanks,” say most professors; “PeopleSoft and PowerPoint will do.”

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Academics are taking their own sweet time adapting to a networked world, at least to judge from two reports that surfaced on the iDC discussion list last week. To judge from Neil Selwyn’s “The Educational Significance of Social Media” and to the UC Berkeley study “Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication,” there are still plenty of professors happily justifying their obsession with inbred subdisciplinary journals while Fox and Facebook steamroll over public discourse.

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I’m on my way back from the final DOCAM conference in Montreal this week, trying to catch my breath from this two-day banquet of variable media research served up by the formidable Alain Depocas and his dedicated crew (Ludovic, Sophie, Catherine, et al.).

Over the past five years, DOCAM has pumped out gobs of deep research on documentation and preservation, including dozens of juicy case studies of artworks endangered in all kinds of delicious ways. Here are a handful of the myriad vulnerabilities that emerged from DOCAM’s case studies.

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