Still Water Permaculture Guild launches green living at UMaine

This fall, five UMaine students will practice sustainable living as part of their education  in a permaculture homestead at the south edge of campus .

Inheriting a greenhouse, coldframe, swaled garden beds, perennial gardens and the planting of food forest trees along a corridor into campus from former student projects onsite,these students will model green living as an education option.

As “journeyparsons– modelled on MOFGA’s self-directed apprenticeship program–these student will combine coursework, onsite projects and hands-on permaculture training as well as consensual governance in their homestead as a means to put permaculture skills into practice and ground their education in the rich soils of Orono.

The SWPG is inviting interested faculty and community members to join the project as advisors/fellows in a skill-sharing format. For more information contact us.

2 thoughts on “Still Water Permaculture Guild launches green living at UMaine”

  1. We must start sustainable water practices at the individual level!

    I run a small landscaping company in Birmingham AL. Most people think of the SE as a rain belt, but over the past 6 years we have experienced several years of rather severe drought which has gotten people to think about conservation. Much of the water use in the SE is to water lawns and gardens. It does not make sense to use chlorinated water for this use!

    I have started to install rain barrels (underground and in crawl spaces under porches etc), low water irrigation systems, and of course the biggest is to use local plants that are drought tolerant in many of my designs.

    Water conservation is not a fad. It is a must even in the SE where we “thought” we were immune!

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