Sheet Mulch Workshop

Join facilitator Bill Giordano
at LongGreenHouse
Wed, May 27, 3:30 pm
5 Chapel Road, Orono

Sheet-mulch gardening is a no-till method for making raised beds. Abundant organic materials such as grass cippings, animal bedding, leaves, manure, newspaper, cardboard, mulching hay, straw and more can be layered on top of earth rather than yearly tilling. All materials break down and become nutrients for the soil food web. Sheet-mulched beds maximize soil health and minimize watering, mineral leaching weeding, and human input for years to come!

Come get your hands in the soil and your heart closer to the earth!

1 thought on “Sheet Mulch Workshop”

  1. One thing to keep in mind with sheet-mulching, is that it can be eoologically unfriendly in areas where curbside recycling is available.

    This year, I began to search for facts on cardboard and paper recycle, when a thought came to mind about what happens when cardboard is removed from the recycling pool of resources.

    Quite a surprise. Increased energy use, oil consumption and pollutiong due to making new product. Plus more trees cut down.

    Apparently in areas where recycling is not readily available, then using the cardboard in gardens can be the better alternative.

    MDV / Oregon

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