Gardening field days at LongGreenHouse

09orono spr lgh was Perma 16 illThe Still Water Permaculture Guild, located at 5 Chapel Road in Orono (LongGreenHouse), is inviting anyone who is interested to come to their “field days” this Friday (April 22) and next Wednesday (April 27), from 12 noon to 4pm. The Guild has been working to transform a normal residential yard into a perennial garden with edible fruit, vegetables, and herbs, using permaculture techniques.

If you would like to see a model of “edible landscaping,’ want to learn about permaculture gardening, or just want to get your hands in the soil, this a great opportunity.

Please send a e-mail to william [DOT] giordano [AT] umit [DOT] maine [DOT] edu, or just show up. For more information about the Stillwater Permaculture Guild, visit

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