Digital Curation tuition discounted again for distant students

make_budget_maxGood news for anyone who needs more skills for managing a collection but doesn’t live near one of the few universities that offer them. The University of Maine has just announced a new discount for distant students in its online Digital Curation program.

Effective immediately, any out-of-state student admitted to this all-online Certificate in Digital Curation will pay a special “e-tuition” at only 25% more than tuition for in-state students. This is a huge savings over what out-of-state students would normally pay, which is three times the in-state rate.

(Out-of-state students who benefited from an earlier tuition offer can retain that discount through 2018 if they abide by the original terms.)

digital_curation_banner_logoThe University of Maine’s online Digital Curation graduate program has been called “a national standard for the study of digital curation.” Students in our 2015 Digital Preservation course found that “classmates, instructors, and materials make up the strengths of the class,” noting that “the screencasts are extremely helpful in synthesizing what we are studying,” and “the videos connect back to the textbook–which can help make the subject matter more clear.” Students also appreciated “the need to reflect on and discuss the issues directly rather than passively absorb and listen to class discussion.”

Courses offered this fall include the introductory course in digital curation (DIG 500) as well as a more advanced class in using Web technologies to mount digital collections online.

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