New Pool features: jump to subject, Safari compatibility

Now that we have over 250 students using The Pool regularly this term, Still Water senior researcher John Bell and co-director Jon Ippolito are happy to announce two improvements to accommodate the increased number of projects visible at any given time:

1. “Jump to subject” feature

Pool Jump to Subject interface

Now when you visit the Pool home page and choose Jump In > Art Pool, you’ll be invited to choose a theme to filter by–such as audio or nmd205-2009–before you continue. This should make it easier for students working in particular classes to find each other’s work quickly.

Of course, you can still use the filters at the top of The Pool to refine your search, and bookmark the page so you easily return to the same set of filters.

2. Safari compatibility

The Pool is now compatible with Safari version 4 and above, so that users can use it with any of the three major browsers.

We welcome additional suggestions or comments on The Pool–please visit The Pool and select Learn More > Contact.

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