Forging the Future in Taiwan, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles

As part of her lecture on “New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Presenting and Preserving New Media Art” at MoCA Taipei, Taiwan, Christiane Paul presented the Forging the Future initiative and the Variable Media Questionnaire on May 3, 2009. Christiane also presented the Forging the Future Initiative and the VMQ at the expert meeting “Archive 2020,” organized by Virtueel Platform, Amsterdam, Netherlands, on May 18. At both lectures various audience members (ranging from gallerists to museum directors and representatives of non-profit organizations) expressed interest in the initiative and requested access to the VMQ.

Back in the western hemisphere, Michael Katchen of Franklin Furnace presented his research into hybrid taxonomies/folksonomies for Forging the Future at the Electronic Media Group (EMG) meeting of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC), held from 19-23 May, 2009 in Los Angeles.

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