Fall Season Begins…


Our New Family gathers in the Tree-house
Our New Family gathers in the Tree-house

with old and new friends. “For homeschool families, Summer begins in September,” says John Picone, a Wassookeag dad. To honor this special time for family, Wassookeag launches two weeks after the regular academic year. Woohoo!


This year we welcome four new families: and seven new children into our homeschool, as well as most of our original crew. Growing family and expanding the home (now you know why the Wabanak called it a longhouse) is no easy task, but one filled with wonder and excitement, with the children leading the way, as is natural. We circle around the young, and grow as we respond to their needs and dreams, and in the process clarify our own.

We have also added two new member of our family: Intermedia grad student Bill Giordana, a Wassookeag dad, and architect of the geodesic dome and sound walks, and Intermedia grad student Julian Epps, already an beloved uncle, after an afternoon light sculpture workshop, and tree climbing expedition. You may also see other Wassookeag friends lurking: Ian Larson, New Media undergrad and sustainability buff, Claudia Lowd, green engineer of Green Etc., Emily Markides, President of ESTIA and Prof of Peace Studies. It’s going to be a great year!

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