Rough Stuff

 Even in the best of co-ops, there are times when issues come up that need to be discussed. We did that at our last potluck when we brought up the subject of rough play. Some of us thought it was an issue. Some of us didn’t.

We talked about alternatives to our kids pushing, jumping on each other and hitting each other with sticks. We all agreed that hitting with sticks was something we need to stop. Debby shared with us some of the ways she tries to redirect the kids’ energy during the day.

Kate and a couple of other parents talked about games that we might organize, like tag and hide and seek, that are fun, but not as likely to lead to kids getting hurt, while still allowing for chasing and running.

I’d like to throw the topic out for discussion by asking for comments. I’ll even make the first one. I’ll categorize this post under “discussion”. If we want to discuss other subjects, we can add them as posts in the same category, with Page Parent also “Discussion.”

This could be a good way to share our ideas and concerns in between pot lucks.

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