Food Forest Planting

During the month of May, we’ll be planting a dozens of fruit trees, hundreds of berry plants, flowers and annuals at LongGreenHouse and sneaking onto university grounds, along the Food Corridor. Main gardeners will include Bill Giordano, Joline Blais, Isis Bell, and gkisedtanamoogk, with help from 3-yr old Ellie.

If you help us plant, you will earn funds in our local currency, which you can then spend on our eventual harvest. More important, you will be helping us seed a food forest that will spread through the campus, ensuring local food security, and you will be learning some permaculture techniques, like sheet mulching, guild building, and berry pyramid building.

Some key dates are below:

Main Tree planting: May 2-7

Kiwi & Berry Shrubs: May 11 & 16

Strawberry Pyramid: May 19 or 21

Other fruit Trees: Last two weeks of May.

For more info, contact Bill or Joline

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