Masked Marvel

we saw a show by the masked marvel.       he showed us masks that he made and he told us stories.      we went to the collins center.   we went to see it   -cora

U-Me students debate climate change

Today Wassookeagers and their friends were treated to a presentation by the University of Maine Debate Society, whose members conducted a debate on whether the US should sign the Kyoto Accord. After the formal debate, the U-Me students held a free-form discussion about climate change as well as their experience of the debate process itself.

40 Traits of a “Healthy” Family

I found this list of 40 characteristics of healthy families online. Of course every family is different, but I thought it might be nice to look at what might be positive attributes to family rather than negative. http://home.earthlink.net/~chavele/40traits.html

My Dog

My dog went to the vet.  He doesn’t like it so we had to give him a pill that makes him calm down a little bit.  He had to stay overnight.  We had to get up at 7 a.m. to get him.  But I love him.

UMaine Field Trip

Wassookeag students and parents took a trip to UMaine last Friday to learn about G.I.S., a program that  displays and analyzes geographic information. Paul Smitherman (Lucia’s dad), is a researcher in the Spatial Information Science and Engineering Department and has been working on some exciting projects. Students were shown information on seals that wore tracking …

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Music Day!

 Last Wednesday was a wonderful day of music! Some of us have been really excited about beat-boxing lately, so we started out with a simple “booms” and “clacks” and ended in full a acapella song. We then shared songs, including “Three LIttle Birds” by Bob Marley, and some traditional folk songs. But the day certainly …

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