Partnership between Permaculture and Indigenous culture

Abbe Museum Visit

Wassookeag Children visit Abbe Museum with Debbie Bell-Smith, gkisedtanamoogk, and parents. We learned that “life was good here” for Wabanaki people before colonization, and we saw evidence of Wabanaki art, craft, dress, customs as compared to other Native cultures of North America.

What is LongGreenHouse?

LongGreenHouse LongGreenHouse is a cross-cultural partnership for deep sustainability involving Anikwom WholeLife Center, PermacultureMe, and UMaine Still Water Lab. Weaving together Indigenous culture, Permaculture, and Digital Culture, the project develops a Living/Learning model for sustainable living in this bioregion based on the intersection of evolutionary wisdom, natural patterns, and social networking.  We run a multi-age integrated …

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