A story by Tara

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I have been writing a story about Warriors. Now for those of you who do not know what a Warrior is, I shall    tell you! Warriors are powerful and vicious Clan cats. A Clan is a group of cats under their ancestors in StarClan. StarClan is where cats go when they die, but not to worry! The cats in StarClan sometimes send flashes of what might happen in the future to help with all the cats problems.

Enough explaining about Warriors! Lets get to the story, I’ll give you a teaser of my story. I hope you all will like it and start drooling for more! My story is a fan fiction, not the real kind of Warrior books by Erin Hunter!



By: Tara

Chapter One

Squirrelflight sat under the trees in the ThunderClan camp. ” I sure hope there’s going to be a huge batch of meat!!” Purred Squirrelflight. ” Here is a mouse.” Said Ashfur. ” Ooh I’m so hungry!” Squirrelflight kept on complaining until Brambleclaw lost his temper! ” STOP SULKING! IF YOU’RE HUNGRY, HELP WITH THE HUNTING PATROL!” Brambleclaw growled harshly. Squirrelflight put her ears back in defence. ” No need to shout” Muttered Squirrelflight with a low tone of a growl

She sighed. ” Too late. The hunting patrol is all over!”  Squirrelflight sighed again.

Ashfur padded up. He blinked long, slow, and gentle blinks. ” Er… Hi!” He found himself say. ” Hi Ashfur,” Squirrel flight said sadly.

” What’s wrong with you?” He said gently.

” Hungry, left out, and just life in general.” She replied.

Suddenly, Jaypaw ran up! ” Squirrelflight!!” He said out of breath!!

” What, Jaypaw?” Suirrelflight grumbled. She was in a rather bad mood anyways. Because she, of all like most of the warriors, went to new moon! Suirrelflight could be sweet of course too!

Just then, Firestar padded up. ” Squirrelflight” He mewed, ” I need to speak to you,” He eye Jaypaw; Squrrielflight’s kitten.

“But-” ” QUIET JAYPAW!!” Squirrelflight hissed, cutting out the rest of Jaypaws sentence!

Firestar was waiting patiently. Although now, he was getting mad at Squirrelflight!! ” SQUIRRELFLIGHT!!” Growled Firestar madly!

Squirrelflight trotted up to her mad leader. ” Sorry Firestar…” She dipped her head respectfully to her mighty leader.

” We need to talk, this is important.” He said.

” Firetar,” Mewed Squirrelflight, ” You look worried! Is something bothering you, or is something wrong?” She said, she was alarmed.

Chapter Two

Firestar looked sad. Sorrow clouded his bright green eyes.

” Squirrelflight,” He began, ” The food is becoming very scarce, we need more warriors. StarClan has warned me about this.  These are tough times.” Firestar stopped talking for a moment. ” So, what should I do to help the Clan?” Squirrelflight asked.

” Well… I’m not sure of…Well…,” Firestar stuttered. He wasn’t sure of how to put what saying! “Huh?” Squirrelflight questioned. Firestar sighed and took a deep breath. ” I want you to go on a Quest.” Firestar said Cooley.

WHAT!? ME?” Squirrelflight replied in great surprise!!

” Yes. But be careful, this is going to be VERY dangerous!”

” Firestar,” Mewed Squirrelflight. ” what do I have to do? Where am I going?” ” Calm down!” Firestar spat! “First of all, you are going to the MoonPool, then to ShawdowClan territory, or ShawdowClan camp to be more exact.” He mewed.

” No!-” “-I mean yes Firestar.” Squirrelflight felt as if she where going to wail with sorrow. “I-or we, will talk later at sundown for a Clan meeting!” Firestar said.

” HEY SQUIRRELFLIGHT!!” Came a voice, it was Graystripe. ” Where going out to hunt!  Wanna come?” He said. ” Sure…,” She said politely.

“I’m NOT sure what I’m suppose to do!” Squirrelflight mummbled! “What am I suppose to do?!” She said again.  ” What are you mumbling about?” Graystripe questioned. ” Never mind.” Squirrel said madly.

After hunting, Squirrel flight came back to the Clan camp with 3 mice, 2 moles, and 1 shrew! Soon Sundown came. Firestar let out a yowl for Clan meeting. Clan cats of all sizes and shades of colors, came out of the ferns and brambles! The meeting started, Firestar told all of the Clan cats about the quest. Firestar also chose Graystripe, Brambleclaw, and Sandstorm to go on the quest too.


I hope you all enjoyed this! And I hope you are drooling to find out what happens!

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